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Diagnostic Care


When your pet is sick or injured, they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Our veterinarians will perform a thorough physical exam and obtain a history (symptoms you’ve noted at home) as an important first step in diagnosing your pet’s condition. Often the diagnosis is not immediately evident upon the initial assessment and additional testing is often necessary to diagnose your pet’s condition. These may include and can be performed within our clinic:


Bloodwork to evaluate:

  • blood cell counts
  • liver organ function
  • kidney organ function
  • blood sugar levels
  • protein levels
  • electrolyte levels
  • calcium and phosphorous levels
  • pancreatic function

Cytology (evaluation under microscope):

  • Ear swabs
  • Skin impression
  • Needle biopsies of masses

Ocular conditions may warrant evaluation of:

  • Tear production (Schirmer Tear Test)
  • Corneal injuries (fluorescein stain)
  • Abnormal intra-ocular pressures (Tonometry)

Other diagnostic tests:

  • Urinalysis
  • Testing for heartworm disease
  • Testing for tick-born disease
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound

These diagnostic tests are an important step in the development of a treatment plan for your pet. Our veterinarians will explain the purpose of each diagnostic test for your pet, and help prioritize which tests may be most helpful in determining the cause of your pet’s illness.