These guys are awesome! I have only been a client there for a few months. Today I took my dog in who ripped her toenail half off chasing a squirrel yesterday. They removed the toenail no problem. They did not charge me anything!! Nobody provides that kind of customer service anymore, it’s so refreshing. The whole staff is very friendly and welcoming. You guys are the best!

– Janet L.

This place is awesome! All the staff are the best. We rescued a drowning dog from the ditch tonight which we thought would have to be euthanized, but the staff said he wasn’t in that bad of shape and were willing to take him. Thank God for these guys to take him in and help him.

– Tammy P.

They are the best!!!!!! Helped my babies beat parvo. Thank you!!!

– Alicia G.

This animal clinic is top notch! Even though I live in Albuquerque I’m going to start taking my kitties here!

– Charlene B.

This clinic was absolutely amazing! I had to get my dog fixed and was so worried from the horror stories you hear from people about what happened to their dogs. I spent a lot of time looking for a great place and I found this place. The people were extremely friendly, and they really took great care of my little pup. The scar from the surgery is practically gone now, I think the only reason I see is because I know where to look. This place has become the vet that I trust to take my little puppy to, and I know they’ll take great care of her. I couldn’t have asked for a better staff for a veterinary clinic, you can really tell their main focus is the animals!

– Shannon W.

I’ve only brought each of my dogs in once each but so far I am really impressed. I have fears of vets due to a terrible experience with VCA preying on our emotions and bleeding us for several thousands unnecessarily. This vet could have easily done the same given what I brought my dog in for. They are in it to care for the animals and not their pocketbook, which was a huge relief. Great staff. Good people.

– Berta L.

Awesome staff! Everyone there truly cares about the animal in need and does everything they can to help make the experience as painless as possible for pet and owner. I’m extremely grateful I’ve found an animal clinic that goes above and beyond for their clients. Thank you to everyone there!

– Anna L.

The sweetest, nicest vets, techs and staff. Very competent and clearly love the animals they see. They have been caring for our animals for years, and although ownership has changed hands a few times over the years, we’ve never had a bad visit.

– Brittny M.

I love going there! They are very professional and clean. Would totally recommend Bosque Animal Clinic. Best Animal Clinic in all Los Lunas, and Belen!

– Hannia B.

My dog is very shy, they gave him personal attention to where he allowed them to give him shots. He sheds a lot and it didn’t bother the tech in the least and she enveloped him in a warm hug to keep him from being as nervous. She understood what he needed and the vet did not rushed the process. It was a successful vet visit. Definitely going back with my other dogs.

– Debora A.

Dr. McKinney went above and beyond for us. She was compassionate, honest, and informative when dealing with our unfortunate circumstance. The pricing here is amazing compared to the Albuquerque clinics I have been to. The front desk staff was very sweet, and it’s apparent that those employed here genuinely love animals. I have a hard time investing trust in many, but this clinic has more than earned it.

– Lynn W.

The doctors and staff are incredible, caring, and skilled. I have recommended them to people who have driven 60 miles to get here, and they have switched all their veterinary needs here. And, beyond their care and caring, they are far less expensive than all other vets I’ve been to.

– Aaron K.